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January 2020

Young people grouping with hands in center

Culture hero

When you jet-set off on holiday to a far-away and exotic country, you absorb the culture. You observe how they do things, th...


December 2019

Joe Johnson

The Breakfast News higher education special

Our guest speakers included: former BBC business correspondent, Declan Curry; Trendence UK head of research, Dasha Karzunina...


December 2019

Film production - cameraman

Behind the camera

Video is quite clearly leading the way for customer engagement and interaction and is only getting more influential as time ...


November 2019

Young woman coding

You can’t keep a woman down

‘Men and women are different. Girls like pretty pink baby dolls, hair, make-up and cooking; men prefer big blue fast cars, f...


November 2019

AI robot

Artificial Intelligence: A revolutionary future

As we advance into a new age of technological evolution, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) is at the forefront of looming radic...


November 2019

Young woman using VR headset

Women in Tech

"Technology changes everything. It continues to create, innovate and transform our daily lives. The beauty of technology is ...


November 2019

TARGETjobs vacancy posting

Increase the number of clicks on your vacancies

From pressed for money, to impressed by money, it seems that money truly does talk when it comes to candidate response rates...


November 2019

England rugby team

Qualities to look for when hiring leaders of tomorrow

With Eddie Jones almost pulling off the seemingly impossible as coach of the England men’s rugby team, making it to the fina...


October 2019

Neural areas written out

Great minds don’t think alike

At their recent ‘Neurodiversity at Work’ event, company founders Henry Davies (Communications Agency, 106 Communications) an...


October 2019

Young woman working

'Know me for my abilities, not my disability'

In a time when disabled people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed than non-disabled people and they have to appl...

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