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Helping you manage the ever-growing demand from students

Developed in collaboration with university specialists, targetconnect helps deliver non-academic services from counselling and finance to disability and international student support. Helping students manage their lives and complete their studies.

Careers Discovery Platform, Leeds


Student features

Self-assist or access support from a specialist

Get in touch


Ask questions which direct to a specialist.

Decision trees

Signpost students to online services.


Workflows encourage students to self-assist through predefined activities and guidance.


Appointment bookings including confirmations and reminders.

Virtual workshops

For students to discuss and learn.


Students can share their feedback after sessions to allow them to reflect and share their insight.

University features

A privacy sensitive cross-service view to set priorities and trigger early intervention.

Get in touch

Workload management

Deliver answers and one-to-one consultations


Record status, actions and risks. Note sharing of potential issues.

Risk timeline

For risk-monitoring and context.


For integrations Including student record systems, buildings check-in and canteen tills.


From pathways to feedback forms.

Data and Analytics

Local service and cross-service reporting.

Specialist features

Developed with our specialists to help you support students.


Student Services

targetconnect has been extended to support services including counselling, equality, disability, finance, health, immigration & student conduct.



Casebooks sit at the heart of targetconnect for Student Services.

Helping students manage their lives and complete their studies

Engaging, accessible and progressive service delivery.

Working with leading universities

Supporting a growing range of student services, we aim to improve our understanding to assist and collaborate.

We couldn’t have got through the last few weeks without targetconnect, thank you!

GTI is one of the best technology suppliers we have.

Get in touch


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