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May 2021

All Wales Fair

Collaborate to crack careers fair success

Discover the benefits of running a careers fair in partnership with other universities and TARGETjobs.


April 2021

Young students reviewing paper

Reflections on racial justice and early careers recruitment

Continuing the conversation around how student recruitment professionals can improve racial justice


April 2021

Laptop with TARGETconnect virtual assessment centre

Shaping the virtual assessment world

How attitudes towards virtual assessment programmes have developed during the pandemic and the innovations in this area that...


March 2021

Group of women laughing

The employer conundrum: reaching a more diverse group of students

How we increased the diversity of Cummins’ graduate intake with TARGETjobs.


March 2021

A Year in Virtual

Breakfast News March Recap: A year in virtual

Almost a year to the day from the start of the first Covid-19 lockdown, our first Breakfast News of 2021 explored the pandem...


December 2020

Breakfast News December the rise of the agile organisation

The rise of the agile organisation

Following on from last week's Breakfast News, the theme of which was "Lifting the Shadow" we wanted to delve deeper into the...


December 2020

Thames Water Staff Member

How to put together a virtual assessment centre during the pandemic

How we took Thames Water’s graduate assessment centres fully virtual during the coronavirus pandemic and how we can continue...


December 2020

Breakfast News December recap the last big question of 2020

Breakfast News December recap: the last big question of 2020

In the final Breakfast News of the year, we combined the latest data from graduate studies with the expert view of leading p...


December 2020

getting started winner award at the Ridi Awards

GTI win getting started at the RIDI Awards 2020

Early careers specialist GTI Recruiting Solutions, part of Group GTI, was awarded the ‘getting started’ award at this years’...


November 2020

Woman in front of coloured screens

Scaling up, speeding up: how EdTech increases career outcomes

Can EdTech (education tech) help with universities’ biggest challenges – particularly around career outcomes for students? A...

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