Engage school leavers

Aimed at ambitious school leavers, TARGETcareers gathers all the resources needed for young people to choose a career, apply to university or join a school leaver programme in one place to help students plan a professional career path from school to university and beyond.

As a university, you have unprecedented opportunities to engage with school leavers actively exploring their higher education options. TARGETcareers provides you with the very best multimedia tools and face-to-face channels to target the right students and promote your institution and courses to a highly receptive audience.

Here’s how you can engage with school students through TARGETcareers:


University profile

An online hub on targetcareers.co.uk allows you to showcase your university, complete with logo, images and social media links. Further features enable you to display your prospectus, host videos and highlight events, such as open days.

Course search

Students can easily find you in their searches and save the information to their account. Upgrading to ‘Featured Courses’ increases awareness and visibility.

Targeted emails

TARGETcareers gives you unprecedented opportunities to engage with a database of over 149,000 registered school students in the UK.

With our tailored email service, you can target school leavers by year group, postcode, region, school and career sector. Our range of emails include weekly course alerts, open day/event reminders and monthly newsletters.

Inside buzz

Inside Buzz offers school leavers independent university reviews and endorsements from undergraduates, to help them make a more informed decision about which universities to apply to and attend. The peer-to-peer aspect of this technology allows school leavers to gain a much deeper understanding about their future institution on varied criteria, such as quality of teaching, delivery of course, student diversity, facilities and social environment.

This exciting development will enable you to promote your university by surveying students on matters such as the quality of teaching, delivery of course, student diversity, facilities and social environment.

Inside Buzz allows you to explain exactly why the best school leavers should apply and to benchmark your institution against similar universities.

In print

We distribute 125,000+ free copies of our school leaver publications to over 4,500 schools and further education colleges. Advertising in these publications means you can showcase your institution to a large, yet highly focused audience. View the advertising specs here.

Our publications include:

TARGETcareers print guides