New guide for Teacher's to help students hone employability skills
Thursday, January 25, 2018
Developing Student Employability - a Teacher's Guide

Working with EY, TARGETcareers has produced a new guide for Teacher’s – Developing Student Employability – a Teacher’s Guide.

The guide, which will be available to download for free from 29 January 2018, includes key information for teachers on how to help students hone the skills they have, and develop new ones in demand by employers today.

The world of work is changing and students need to be prepared by developing their employability skills. With so many options after school or college, it is important that students do their research and chose the option that is right for them.

The guide also discusses what employability is, lists the top 10 skills that will help students step into a job, talks about university and the alternatives and much more.

Liz Adams, Managing editor at Group GTI, said: “The guide will support schools by outlining the employability skills sought by employers, detailing the different activities and experiences through which students can develop these, and explaining how they will be assessed for during employers’ application and interview processes. It is written for use both with students who plan to go to university and those who intend to start a job or apprenticeship instead. Both paths are outlined, and profiles provided of young professionals who have joined the same employer through different routes.”

Maggie Stilwell, UKI managing partner for talent at EY, said: “By teaching students how to adapt their skills, keep growing and keep evolving, they can succeed within tomorrow’s workplace. We’re excited to continue to play our part in helping young people to prepare themselves for the world of work.”

TARGETcareers, part of Group GTI, mission is to help young people aged 15 to 18 make choices about their future by providing expert information and advice on the range of career possibilities available. Whether they are considering going to university, joining a sponsored degree programme or degree apprenticeship with an employer, or taking another type of school leaver scheme such as a higher apprenticeship, TARGETcareers can help them take the next step in their education or career.

Developing Student Employability – a Teacher’s Guide will be available to download from Monday 29 January from both the TARGETcareers website and the EY website. Links to the download will be available from Monday.

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