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Friday, February 19, 2016
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‘The Internet of Everything’, the concept of embedding physical objects (tools, vehicles, buildings etc) with technology and connecting them to the internet, is swiftly becoming an intrinsic facet of our modern world. 

Examples range from a toothbrush that can tell your smartphone how well you’re brushing your teeth, to sensors within aircraft engines, which monitor data and faults and share them in real time.

It is this growing ubiquity of the Internet of Everything (aka the ‘Internet of Things’) that led eight teams of undergraduates to Cisco’s UK headquarters on 11 February, ready to compete in the grand final of the Switch-Up Challenge.

Monday, February 8, 2016

On the 14th March, London’s iconic BT Tower will host some exceptionally driven teenagers, as the gauntlet is thrown-down to identify the best and brightest school leaver from around the country.

They will be competing in the Grand Final of the TARGETcareers School Leavers' Challenge - a regional and nationwide championship, headline partnered by BT, and supported by leading talent assessment experts Capp.

Monday, February 1, 2016
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Oxford, February 2015

In the trendence School Leaver Study, a recent survey of around 9,000 UK school students in years 7−13, it was found that the principal reason for not entering further education was wanting to earn money straight away, swiftly followed by not wishing to get into debt.

However, university-bound students focused on longer term career aspects, such as needing to get a qualification for their hopeful future vocation and believing that attending higher education would ensure a ‘better’ job. Research showed that for university-bound students the recent increase in tuition fees had little impact on this decision.

Thursday, December 17, 2015
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  • £500,000 boost to careers education in schools, including resources for teachers and parents.
  • £150,000 new careers guidance bursary scheme for students from lower income backgrounds.
  • Stronger link established between school leavers and 33,000+ university courses and 800+ UK employers through TARGETcareers and TARGETjobs.

OXFORD, 17 December 2015. We are pleased to announce that the leading careers advice organisation, Inspiring Futures, has become part of Group GTI. Furthermore GTI is investing £500,000 in careers support for schools and their students.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
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October’s IT’s not just for the boys! event – sponsored by Deloitte for the second successive year – was a resounding success.  The careers event brings female students together with recruiters so they can further understand the benefits, rewards and challenges of the IT industry.  The event’s aim is to support the demand for more female undergraduates within the technology sector.