Why upskilling needs to be a visible part of your company culture
Thursday, February 14, 2019

Recent research conducted by City & Guilds Group revealed how the British workforce is missing out on upskilling opportunities. Surveying 2,000 full- and part-time workers in partnership with YouGov, the critical stat pulled was that 76% of British workers believe in the importance of brushing up on skills throughout their careers*. However, less than half of this group are getting the help and support that they feel they deserve.

Job-hopping millennials

One of the biggest groups of job hoppers are millennials: those students and recent graduates that you as an employer are trying to recruit. Did you know that the average millennial has already had 3.4 jobs? When you compare this statistic to the 5.9 for ages 55+, the trend for moving on has certainly moved on! Upskilling is just one of the ways in which you can appeal to this cut of the recruitment market.

The self-improvement trend

The trend to take away is the need for progression and learning in the workplace. Rather than settling, the graduate or school leaver’s career portfolio becomes the site for continuous self-improvement. There’s a questioning of whether an individual is fulfilled and an open discussion of the ways in which they can move on from dissatisfaction. Those organisations that offer upskilling opportunities are intelligently aware of this.

Why upskilling?

Upskilling is one of the golden ways in which a company can demonstrate its commitment to continuous learning. Now for the science part: it’s a proven feel-good factor for employees when it comes to being seen and valued. That’s not only great news for employee retention but also for a boost in company morale, which in turn will lead to more satisfied clients. In house, you essentially have all you need to move your company forward; all it can take is a dip into the world of e-learning, webinars, training and courses for your most important asset: your people. That’s not even mentioning the competitive advantage of informed teams who are aware of the latest developments in their industry and are empowered to ring in the changes…

What does this mean for your talent attraction?

Upskilling within the professional life fits the bill when it comes to meeting millennials priorities of development and growth. For the smart and savvy, a company culture that supports continued learning is the benchmark for those sought-after multi-disciplined, diverse careers. Your engagement with upskilling is a big sell. By understanding the value of learning opportunities, you’re seen to invest in the future: something that can do wonders for your company brand awareness and future referrals. For stronger future brand advocates, engaged candidates and talent that stays, upskilling is the watchword.

Make upskilling a visible part of your company culture

Promote not only the flexibility of your employment structure, but also those opportunities available to grow within a vacancy. A commitment to continuous learning is just one of the ways you can improve the graduate and school leaver recruitment process by promoting the available upskilling opportunities to attract high-quality candidates to your organisation.


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