Dear Employers, find out how our revolutionary SMART emails can take your candidate engagement to new heights. Many thanks, TARGETjobs
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

TARGETjobs has created a new SMARTER way to help employers engage our student members.

We’re counteracting spam emailing, a prominent problem that students face when they sign up to graduate jobs boards. Employers can be misguided into thinking that the more students they reach, the better. Yet, this bulk-sending method is irritating, outdated and can actually reduce the likelihood for a candidate to click on the email; TARGETjobs has recognized this.

Using AI technology and intelligent data processing methods, TARGETjobs has developed a new way to increase candidate engagement without having to send bulk emails that do not guarantee higher click-rates and can deter potential applicants for our clients. We call this new form of targeting: SMART email.

SMART email optimizes candidate response by analysing each student within your target group’s daily activity and response habits. Our intricate technology informs us what each student has been sent, when they were sent it, and whether the student chose to interact or not. In doing so, this allows us to specifically target students who display signs of positive response and engagement with sent content, meaning we achieve higher click rates and the people who do view the email are more likely to respond.

Many leading graduate employers are already benefitting from our SMART emails. We worked with one of the leading early careers employers to test whether we could improve engagement through implementing SMART email. Using the traditional bulk email method, an email was sent to 34,000 students. We found that 3,552 students opened the email (10% open rate), but only 126 students clicked on the job link. When we implemented our SMART email technology, the email was only sent to 7,303 students, but 3,769 opened the email and, most significantly, 719 students clicked on the advertised job.

Admittedly, the amount of opens is similar, but the success-rate is much higher (52%) and the click-rate is vastly improved as we selected candidates who were more likely to engage at that particular point in time. We catch them at their optimum attention to render optimum results and it WORKS. It is more effective, and we are immediately seeing the benefits for our clients and students who have responded positively and more efficiently to our more personalized targeted email system.

If you would like to hear more about our SMART emails, contact the TARGETjobs sales team at or call 01491 826262.

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