Is it time to assess and select a new ATS?
Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Managing early careers recruitment without the right tools is impossible. The volume of candidates itself can be a nightmare doing it manually; and if you have to use your global HR system to do it, it can feel like you’re using a shovel to bake a cake.

It can make the process much more time-consuming than it should be.

Is it really filtering candidates in the best possible way?

Can you ensure you are doing things in a timely way for candidates?

And there’s a real danger of unconscious bias creeping into the process, if you’re not careful

Select ATS is a specialist, high-volume ATS built for early careers recruitment.  It helps to manage a high volume of applications in a way that improves the quality of hiring as well as the experience for all candidates, regardless of the outcome of their application.

It is completely customisable, allowing the recruitment team to set specific requirements, customise HTML emails and communicate with individual candidates in just one click. The whole system is GDPR compliant for peace of mind. Importantly it can increase diversity by decreasing the risk of unconscious bias such as by hiding certain fields when profiles are sent to the hiring manager to assess. A bird's eye view allows quick summaries of where candidates are in the recruitment process, so as to ensure they are progressing quickly.

Select ATS is designed with the candidate experience in mind, making it intuitive and easy to use. It can book candidates into interviews easily and send confirmation emails.

Select ATS provides quick feedback, with automated responses at the first stage of applications, and automated processing can fast-track students that meet key criteria. Pre-screener technology ensures only qualified leads get through initial stage, freeing up time for quality candidates. Apply scoring at each stage of the process or record notes - you can even view what other jobs they've applied for.

Global HR System v Select ATS

We understand that many organisations are under pressure to use tools that they already have, even though they might not be fit for purpose.  But here’s why Select ATS is the best tool for early careers recruitment.

  • Manage high-volume recruitment with ease and speed.
  • Filter your candidates simply and efficiently.
  • Manage your candidates quicker, reducing internal time.
  • Provide a better candidate experience, improving your employer brand.
  • Communicate with all your candidates simply with the click of a button.
  • Remove unconscious bias where it might be apparent.
  • Improve time and quality of hire.
  • Integrate with existing HR systems.

Choose a specialist tool for a specialist job; you won't know how you worked without it before.  

For 30 years GTI has been developing products and services designed to meet the needs of school and university students seeking early careers advice, and to connect them with employers and universities offering early career path options.

For more information and a demo contact: 

Simon Katchay
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