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Ireland’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers 2021

06 / 12 / 2021Ruairi Kavanagh

Every autumn, gradireland releases Cibyl’s latest student research in the form of Ireland’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers. The data provides a 1-100 ranking of employers in terms of how much they appeal to students, alongside a host of other data which reveals insights into students’ career thinking and how choices differ by background.

This year’s survey was the largest yet undertaken, with nearly 21,000 students taking part from third-level institutions across Ireland, north and south. A key function the survey performs is collecting information on who, from a range of 200 employers, students would most like to work for. This year’s survey saw an increase in the popularity of public sector employers, such as the Health Service, and a decrease for some large technology firms, most notably Facebook. Despite this, the tech sector remains the most attractive for students, with Google remaining in leading position for the fifth year running.

Press coverage

Ireland’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers 2021 was received with considerable interest by employers, and also spiked media interest, with Ireland’s largest daily newspaper, the Irish Independent giving a two page spread to the results on Wednesday 10 November.  Quoted in the article, gradireland Managing Director Gavan O’Brien said:

“Covid has completely transformed the graduate recruitment market, resulting in many more opportunities for graduates and the continuing growth of online recruitment processes.

“There is also a growing realisation among employers of the need to be able to offer remote and flexible working to new graduate recruits.”

The coverage also featured an infographic which illustrated some of the survey’s key findings. Read the article here.

gradireland will also be releasing a companion piece of research in the near future in the shape of the gradireland Graduate Salary & Graduate Recruitment Trends Survey, which was also conducted by Cibyl.

The survey delivers for employers and graduate recruitment stakeholders by providing a broad snapshot of the interests, aspirations and expectations of the student population on the island of Ireland. Aside from establishing who is popular as a graduate employer, it gathers valuable insights on ethical considerations, work/life balance, remote working, emigration and how much students expect to earn. The survey is also broken down by responses across 14 different sectors, which means the data can be personalised to your unique context.

Optimism and flexibility

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, continuing economic growth and the flexibilities offered by remote or hybrid working have led to an optimistic outlook from many graduates who took part in this year’s survey. Students interested in desirable sectors like engineering, banking, accountancy, consulting, and technology were amongst the most optimistic when it came to landing a job. Remote working has changed the nature of work for many, and 50% said they would be more likely to look for a job that allowed for remote working, while 57% said they would be more likely to work for an employer that allows flexible working. In a question that allowed respondents to select three preferences, 40% of respondents said the most important thing in their working environment is to be challenged intellectually, 38% said that creativity was paramount, while 32% said that a more structured environment, such as that found in large graduate employers, would be the most attractive element.

How the survey is conducted

The survey is designed and conducted by Group GTI research consultancy Cibyl. The survey is promoted to students by careers services and careers development centres via email, sending a unique password-protected hyperlink. The survey is also promoted through gradireland’s digital channels and those of our partner universities.

gradireland is a partnership between GTI Futures and the Association of Higher Education Careers Services (AHECS).

To learn more about the research and receive personalised insights into your brand contact Cibyl.

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