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GTI Supports Delivery of Oxford University's Litmus Careers Information Programme

20 / 12 / 2021

GTI has supported the delivery of the Litmus careers information programme to schools in the North-East of England. This year’s study included almost 1,600 Year 10 (56%) and Year 11 (44%) learners across 26 schools.

Oxford University have published a report that details the key findings of their Litmus study which was carried out in June/July of this year across schools in the North East of England.  The Litmus tool was initially developed by the Careers Service at Oxford University to track the career readiness of their student population and to provide targeted sector information. Working with the Department for Education’s Opportunity North East programme and the region’s two Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), Trinity College Oxford University have adapted this survey tool for schools to help learners make more informed career choices.

The aim of the Litmus survey is to provide a summary of each learner's careers readiness, their confidence in demonstrating key employability skills and interested industries. This career intention data can be used by schools to set priorities for their careers programme and can inform education policy by revealing important associations across the region. Litmus can be used to track the effectiveness of careers interventions. As an example, the results from this survey evidenced that learners on the Department for Education’s Opportunity North East (“ONE”) programme of career education, delivered by the region’s two LEPs, have better industry knowledge and are significantly more focused on their future career plans than learners not on the programme.

Oxford University has been using targetconnect for several years to deliver skills, guidance, opportunities and employer interactions at scale. For this research project it was used by Oxford University Trinity College to distribute the survey at scale to schools.

Kara Dawson, Customer Success Manager at GTI said “We were pleased to provide pro-bono support to the Oxford University Careers Services and the Outreach team at Trinity College to help life outcomes, particularly those from the most economically challenged regions. With the continued support from the DfE and the regions local LEPs, we look forward to supporting the Litmus schools survey in 2022.”

Read the full report here.

Learn more about targetconnect and GTI’s research consultancy, Cibyl.

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