GTI interview with.....Hannah Harrison, Business Director, TARGETrecruit
Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Once or twice a month, we get some of our GTI staff to take five minutes out of their busy schedule to sit down with a coffee (other beverages are available) and talk a little bit about their job role and their thoughts on the early talent recruitment market.

This week, we chat with Hannah Harrison, Business Director at TARGETrecruit on graduate recruitment technology, Christmas wish lists, and what 2018 has in store.

Hi Hannah. We'll start with an easy question - what does TARGETrecruit do?

Put simply, we make recruitment easier for our clients by supporting them with their recruitment attraction and selection.

How long have you worked at TARGETrecruit?

Five years (though ten years at GTI in total).

Why did you choose to work in graduate recruitment?

I fell into it accidentally. I was working with GTI on the media side and I kept having conversations with all the graduate recruiters, while thinking it sounded like a really great job. I then worked as a graduate recruiter in-house at the Financial Services Authority. Eventually, I came back to GTI, working at TARGETrecruit. I just love it! 

What is it like managing such a large team?

It’s really rewarding, though can be challenging at times. I spend a lot of time in meetings! I love seeing peoples’ careers develop, which is one of the greatest rewards when managing people.

As you reflect on 2017 what are the biggest changes that you have seen?

I think the biggest trend I’ve seen in recruitment is an increasing move to use technology to speed up the application process and cut back on the length of application forms. I think some of it is positive, especially when cutting down the amount of time it takes a candidate to fill in a form, but there is a risk for me that we lose the personal touch in the process, if we rely too heavily on automation. 

What are your highlights of 2017?

I think it’s always great to work with new clients. That’s always insightful and we’re working with some really exciting clients this year. Also working with a really motivated team has been fantastic, especially as we see them continue to grow and evolve. The launch of our new brand [TARGETrecruit from GTI Recruiting Solutions] has been really positive.

What does 2018 have in store for you and TARGETrecruit?

Well, I’m having a baby at Christmas! But TARGETrecruit have appointed a great maternity cover – Vivienne John – who is actually a client of ours from HSBC, and has now come to our side. It will be really good for the team to have a fresh pair of eyes on things and a fresh point of view. I’m looking forward to seeing where we are when I come back!

What was your dream job when you were younger?

The first thing I wanted to be was an archaeologist, and then I realised it meant a lot of time outside in the cold. Then I wanted to be a theatre costume designer and was going to go to art college, but changed my mind and did an English degree. I then went into publishing, which is how I first got involved in the media-side of GTI.

And all you want for Christmas…?

All the things I haven’t been able to have for the last nine months! A big glass of champagne, a plate of sushi and a nice rare steak. And probably a good night’s sleep!


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