Five ways a good ATS can transform the candidate experience
Thursday, July 18, 2019

Never underestimate the transformative powers of a good Application Tracking System (ATS) when it comes to promoting a positive candidate experience. Built to intuitively bridge the gap between job seeker and employer, the right ATS is tailor made to tackle the task of smarter recruitment head on:

1. End-to-End

A good ATS will ensure that the candidate experience is positive. Avoid weak links in your recruitment chain by interacting meaningfully from start to finish. With an effective ATS, you can set a clear timeline for candidates – one that will help meet their expectations of you as an employer. The tools that allow automated communications, setting up assessments and scheduling interviews are the key to a well-managed campaign.

2. Value the candidate

Providing the outlet for feedback adds value to the candidate experience that cannot be underestimated. Whatever the outcome, the likelihood of a future recommendation is greatly improved by following up once the process has been completed. This crucial step in the recruitment journey can increase overall satisfaction for the candidate when it comes to reflectively measuring their experience. Having the right ATS provides the assurance that the candidate is being listened to.

3. Inspire action

An assured approach to the recruitment process should lead your company action plan. Engagement is the indicator of a recruiter that is in-touch and an ATS enables an effective level of communication. Insightful interaction bolsters the candidate experience – whether this is a timely status update to the application, an automated email straight to their inbox confirming receipt or having a helpdesk option readily available to the candidate.

4. The power of being direct

Capturing the right information in a way that’s seamless promotes a positive user experience. Allow the candidate to lead with their decision by responding to key criteria. A data-driven ATS negates the current of bias and ensures that the entire recruitment process is skill-driven. What’s more, the ATS can integrate with test and video providers. This directness acts as an assurance to candidates and will ultimately transform their experience for the better.

5. Be mobile-only ready

A good ATS will keep your company apace with the rapid development in recruitment technology. The movement to mobile has been transformative in terms of app-centric interaction. Recent reports have revealed that most millennials and Generation Z communicate digitally more frequently than in person. As of 2016, 20% of millennials had the mobile-only status – a statistic that is sure to rise. An ATS can synchronise with the immediacy expected by mobile users to deliver those end goals fluently and intuitively. Therefore, a good ATS will be optimised for mobile.

The bottom line? Continue to utilise your ATS. Once paired with mobile, a streamlined relationship allows meaningful data transactions instigated by a mere few taps. System integration keeps recruitment data-driven, ensuring smarter decisions and greater scope for future hires. With mobile application processes, the impactful use of such rapidly developing technologies aligns businesses with the integration trend as it leaps from emerging to game changing.

Our Select ATS platform has been built for the world of high-volume graduate recruitment, is proven to drive candidate engagement and deliver a first-class candidate experience. Set up automated communications to ensure all candidates are kept up to date throughout the recruitment process. Integrate your test and video providers to provide a seamless experience and use our interview scheduling module to efficiently arrange interviews between candidates and managers. Find out more.

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