Early talent recruitment

TARGETrecruit partners with businesses to attract, recruit and retain the very best early talent. Whether managing an end-to-end multinational graduate campaign or a single part of your recruitment process, you will have a dedicated group of experienced volume recruiters covering the full scope of your recruitment initiative. Diving into the detail and nuances of your organisation, we find exactly what ‘best fit’ looks like for you.

Our products and services can be delivered as stand-alone solutions to support in-house teams or pulled together to create a powerful end-to-end offering that ensures you achieve your early talent hiring needs.


We use the most appropriate media channels, including unlimited coverage across TARGETcareers and TARGETjobs, as well as our unrivalled connections across schools, colleges and universities to drive a diverse and robust pipeline of talent, based on your requirements and volumes. We firmly believe that no other provider has the reach and resources to proactively source the best candidates for your company.

As the market leader in early careers recruitment we have:

  • An in-depth and fully rounded understanding of the early careers market.
  • A comprehensive insight into employer brand delivered by our research business, trendence.
  • An unrivalled reach to school leaver and undergraduate talent through our database of over one million job seekers, as well as our deep connections across education providers

As your recruitment partner we will design bespoke marketing solutions, advise on attraction strategies and support you in showcasing your brand on campus. Our attraction events will help you identify and select the best talent, or drive application diversity.


TARGETrecruit is one of the world’s leading student and graduate outsourcing recruitment specialists. We are passionate about early careers recruitment and fully embedded in the graduate market — and it shows in our results. In 2016 alone we screened 59,234 applications, conducted 5,313 interviews and delivered 985 hires for our clients.

Candidate management

Candidate care sits at the heart of our delivery model. Every applicant is treated as a future hire and givenas much interaction as they require. We believe an engaged talent pool is the key to ensuring recruitment success. Our role is to protect your recruitment brand while offering a professional and fair process.

Recruitment services

Our products and services are tailored – they can be delivered as standalone services or pulled together to create a powerful end-to-end offering. Our team has unrivalled knowledge and experience in handling graduate and entry level applicants from initial candidate management right through to assessment. Our recruitment assessment solutions include:

Application screening: We deliver robust, quality-assured application screening designed to identify the strongest talent in your pipeline.

Testing: We deliver the full suite of testing available in the market, including aptitude tests, game-based solutions and situational assessments. We can assist you in selecting and delivering the right testing tool for your needs.

Interviews: Our team is extensive and scalable to your requirements, offering a flexible solution to manage peaks in your campaign. We will work as an extension of your business, immersing ourselves in your culture and language and always ensuring that your brand and reputation are well maintained. Over the years, we’ve developed a number of innovative ways to hold interviews using the latest technology and interactive media.

Assessment centres: Whether you are looking for a complete re-design or just support to ensure your assessment centres run smoothly, TARGETrecruit is here to help. We can invite candidates, provide assessors or facilitators, organise the logistics for the day and also do the follow up — reporting and managing offers and rejections and giving feedback. We will also advise on the latest thinking for assessing candidates most effectively. Our suggested processes and assessments will be robust and reflect your business needs and the requirements of your job roles.

Account management: We are proud of the quality of our people. Our highly experienced and skilled team have all worked as in-house recruiters, across a wide range of sectors and geographies. You will have a dedicated client partner who will be supported by a team tailored to your needs, comprising experienced graduate recruiters, marketing experts or assessment specialists, drawing on the experience they need to benefit your organisation. We actively encourage you to come and meet our team.


TARGETrecruit is the leading provider of innovative e-recruitment solutions to support graduate, apprenticeship, school leaver and other high-volume recruitment. Our systems have been developed over 15 years by working with the many HR professionals who use them on a daily basis.

Our platform and its functionality can be tailored to your needs, branded to your organisation and used either as a whole or as individual tools.

TARGETrecruit specialises in being more than just a recruitment supplier to our clients but also their partner. We also bring the latest ideas, innovation and best practice to our clients’ campaigns, allowing them to recruit the highest calibre talent for their organisations.

Our technology

Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has been designed with and for early talent recruiters, with the overall aim of making recruitment easier for users and candidates. The fully enabled system is simple to use and feature-rich, enabling recruiters to manage talent pipelines quickly and effectively. The ATS is fully mobile and tablet enabled and updated monthly using SaaS technology. Innovation comes from fully understanding the early careers market and from new development required by our clients, including some of the largest entry-level teams.

We’ve developed technology that can reduce the number of unqualified applications you receive or enhance your candidate experience by providing candidates with an automated response to the first stage of their application.

Our ATS will automatically score an application, fast-track candidates that meet key criteria, offer customisable email templates, integrate with test platforms and create options for video interviews. All these function serve to reduce the admin load on your team so they can focus on the main task – ensuring the hiring of the best candidates.

Our software also offers fully integrated feedback mechanisms to give insight into your candidate experience, which can be purchased as separate functionality if required.


As well as offering a full suite of recruitment services, our specialist teams and network of trusted partners can also support you to innovate your campaign.

Our work includes:

  • Attraction strategy design – competitor analysis and benchmarking, advice on marketing content or design of media plans to engage your target audience through the most appropriate channels.
  • Graduate and early careers programme design – launching new schemes into the market or reviewing your current programme to ensure it is fit for purpose.
  • Pipeline audit – analysing your current processes and advising on ways to increase efficiency and improve candidate experience.
  • Assessment and selection exercises design – refreshing current exercises or introducing innovative elements such as gamification or bespoke assessment tools.
  • Diversity analysis and recommendations – conducting adverse impact analysis and advising on a strategy to attract, select and retain the very best talent.


TARGETrecruit Search is our recruitment agency, focusing on connecting recent graduates to companies that recruit the best talent for permanent roles. Specialising in specific, hard-to-fill graduate roles, top-up recruitment and ad hoc entry level positions, we take the time to really understand your organisation and actively find people who can thrive and develop long term within your business.

Throughout the process we remain the direct point of contact for all candidates and we focus on delivering quality rather than quantity of candidates for a shortlist.

We can:

  • Compete with high-profile, brand names — we put your company in front of the right people, positioning your opportunity on a one-to-one basis.
  • Attract a higher calibre of applicant than advertising or high street agencies by utilising GTI’s unique early talent networks.
  • Help you throughout the recruitment process, including relocation advice and offer management.
  • Attract graduates from shortage disciplines including (but not limited to) engineering, IT, construction and science.
  • Help ensure long term hires — the future managers of your business.

If you’re looking to recruit one or more graduates and wish to speak to someone for an initial conversation, contact:

Will Hartley
Business Development Manager

Phone 0207 654 7218 or email.

To learn more about how TARGETrecruit can help your business, read one of our case studies.

Tier 5 Intern Scheme

TARGETrecruit also manages the Tier 5 Intern scheme, a Government Authorised Exchange (GAE) scheme designed specifically to allow undergraduates and graduates from overseas to gain experience working in UK industry. It provides UK employers with the scope to deploy the brightest and best talent from overseas on key initiatives and to learn crucial skills to take back to their home country.

As a licensed, A-rated overarching sponsor, we work directly with employers (and their immigration advisors) by providing sponsorship for non-EEA nationals that they have identified for their internship programmes in the UK.

Full information can be found on our dedicated Tier 5 page.