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Talent Match

Talent Match – the micro-targeted candidate-matching service from TARGETjobs.

Talent Match allows you to match candidates with particular skills, competencies and characteristics to your internships, graduate schemes and job vacancies.

Identify candidates from our pool of one million TARGETjobs members and narrow down your search using the information provided by our members through their profiles, including:

  • Educational background
  • Career sector interests
  • Work experience
  • Soft skills
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity

Send your precisely targeted candidate pool a personalised message including a specific call to action, e.g an invite to apply for a specific vacancy, an interview, or an event, and gain full access to their profile.

The Talent Match process

The Talent Match process

How can Talent Match help you?

Talent Match can be used to:

  • Increase the diversity of your applicants
  • Hire for specific, hard-to-fill roles
  • Support top-up recruitment campaigns
  • Reach out to passive candidates who may not have considered your organisation

Talent Match Direct

Let us save you time by finding the right candidates for you!

With our targeted and ultra-personalised calling service, we will headhunt suitable candidates based on your recruitment criteria from the TARGETjobs membership database and call them on your behalf.

We can even complete telephone screenings for you and fasttrack candidates to your assessment centres and interviews. By using Talent Match Direct, you can receive a full pipeline of potential applicants. All this is delivered by our team of experienced and skilled early talent recruiters.

Get in touch!

Talent Match is a fully managed service built to save you time. You choose the type of candidates you want to target and provide us with your message, we'll do the rest!

Contact us today at or call on 01491 826262 to find out how Talent Match can help you find the right candidates.