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Unique in its multi-channel approach, TARGETjobs provides students with the information and resources they need to find internships, placements and graduate jobs and schemes.



Our leading graduate recruitment website used by over 1.7 million visitors every month, who are all actively looking for internships, placements, and graduate jobs and schemes.

Advertising options include:

  • Employer hubs
  • Job postings, featured jobs, targeted job and deadline alerts.
  • Peer-to-peer reviews via Insider Reviews profiles.
  • Sector-specific branding and marketing opportunities.
  • Personalised, highly targeted and mobile-optimised emails, which can promote a variety of graduate-related announcements, including graduate scheme information and campus events.
  • Our targeted and 'smart' emails can reach a specific set of students which match your specific criteria. Data includes university, degree subject, gender, year of study, preferred career sector and preferred career region.
  • NEW: Connecting with the very best graduate talent is now just a click away. Our new self-service tool allows you to instantly promote your vacancies on targetjobs.co.uk and engage with the 1.7 million students and graduates who visit the site every month.

Talent Match

Our micro-targeted candidate-matching service helps employers find niche pools of candidates with particular skills, competencies and attributes for their internships, graduate schemes and job vacanciesFind out more.


Graduate Insights Report 

We’ve analysed the behaviour of our 1.4 million members and 11 million unique general users of the TARGETjobs website to give you a unique insight into the graduate jobs market. How do students approach their job hunt? What are they looking for in a graduate role? Find out this and more.


A little bit about our TARGETjobs community:

  • An active database of over one million students and recent graduates.
  • Over 170,000 current students registered every year, 60% from the top 30 universities.
  • Annual attendance of 100+ campus events at the top 30 universities.
  • Over 33 million annual page views, a third of which are accessed from mobile devices.

By tracking the behaviour of users to TARGETjobs, we can identify the students that are interested in your sector and display your job adverts as they browse other sites online.

TARGETjobs website viewed on tablet and mobile

Insider Reviews

Insider Reviews provides students with the most comprehensive and detailed overview of graduate recruiters in the UK. It does this through surveying recent graduate employees, interns and placement students at a range of employers on matters such as culture, hours, interviews, training and career prospects.

By including a company profile on Insider Reviews, you can easily demonstrate exactly why the best graduates should apply to you, while benchmarking your organisation against your competition.

All Insider Reviews surveys, reviews and rankings can be seen in the employer hubs on TARGETjobs, alongside existing employer profiles and company insights.

Click here to visit Insider Reviews.

In print

Our print products offer unparalleled branding opportunities, helping you build and maintain your recruitment brand on campus. View the advertising specs here. They include:

Sector guides

Our market-leading, sector-specific free careers guides are considered one of the most influential and successful student career publications available. Each of the titles in the series is packed with sector-specific information, how to get hired tips, unique careers advice and graduate profiles, and also feature a wide range of UK-based employers.

Finance sector guide 2019
  • Distribution is focused on the top UK universities targeting relevant academic departments, careers services and specialist student societies.
  • Each sector is supported by a specialist account manager who is experienced at handling the accounts of recruiters in that sector.
  • Our advice is created by knowledgeable editors known for their sector-specific expertise.
  • Potential applicants are able to compare and contact employers.

Visit the website to see digital copies of all our sector guides, titles include: Engineering, Finance, Law, Property, IT and Technology, Consulting, Law Vacation Schemes and Mini-pupillages & Teaching.

Careers Service Guides

University of Manchester Careers Service Guide

GTI is the exclusive partner to five of the leading universities in the UK to provide free print and digital careers publications, which are distributed around campus. View the online guides here.

  • On average, 30–50% of all finalists read their university’s guide to research and identify potential graduate recruiters.
  • Each guide is consistently rated the most-read careers publication on campus.
  • A digital version of the guide is sent to registered targetjobs.co.uk members at each university.
  • Advertisements in the guides start from as little as £595 for 12 months.

UK 300

The UK 300

The UK 300 ranks the most popular UK employers within the major graduate career sectors, as well as revealing what students want from their graduate careers and what influences their choice of employer.

  • Fastest growing publication on campus with a print circulation of 100,000 to over 120 universities.
  • A digital readership of nearly 7,000 students and graduates.
  • Cited by Trendence UK as the most read print publication on campus.
  • Features 19 of the most popular sectors to work in, with analysis of students' preferred employers according to their gender, ethnicity, year group, and social and economic background. It's the largest student survey of its kind.
  • Survey findings about student behaviour is used to create advice to increase students' employability. Case studies of graduate employees and top executives are included to inspire and motivate students.
View the UK 300 online.

In person

TARGETjobs offers unique opportunities for graduate employers to meet and interact with undergraduates through unique specialist events. Specialising in niche ‘hard to reach’ groups, sectors and roles, our market-leading events focus on promoting specific careers and sectors as well as individual employer brands.

By partnering with us at one or more of our key events, you can benefit from:

  • Face-to-face engagement with highly talented, motivated students.
  • A pre-generated pipeline of students for your placement and graduate schemes.
  • Direct access to students post event – we provide extensive information including CVs.
  • Brand-building opportunities and stronger on-campus relationships.
  • Excellent PR opportunities.
  • Overcoming obstacles in reaching highly sought-after applicants.
  • Allowing students to interact with multiple influential representatives from your organisation – from recent recruits to senior level.

Events include:

Multi-employer events

  • IT's not just for boys logo
  • Future female engineers logo
  • National pupillage fair logo
  • BAME City Law logo
  • Inside city law logo
  • First Year Investment Banking logo
  • Empower logo

Bespoke events

Explore Sky event logo

We design bespoke events around participating organisations’ specific recruitment needs and deliver a pre-screened group of talented and career-motivated students who match your specific needs. Through our unique screening capability, we deliver ‘high potential’ students to customised events that position your brand as a recruiter of choice to your target audience. These events provide a targeted pipeline of graduates, generate significant PR opportunities and ensure increased brand recognition on campus.

Undergraduate of the Year

Undergraduate of the Year logo

Featuring 14 prestigious awards, the TARGETjobs Undergraduate of the Year event attracts over 3,000 entries from undergraduates studying at 160+ universities across the UK. Over the course of three intensive stages, this list is whittled down to just ten finalists for each of the 14 categories.

Each award is sponsored by a prominent graduate recruiters, who offer fantastic prizes for the winners, including paid internships, trips abroad and meetings with senior executives.

Benefits of being a client sponsor for the Undergraduate of the Year Awards include:

  • Extensive promotion of your brand/graduate proposition at key target campuses.
  • Generating a pipeline of 50+ ‘best fit’ students for your placement and graduate scheme recruitment.
  • Building or enhancing your relationship with students, academic departments and careers services through online and on-campus promotion of the awards.
  • Exceptional PR opportunities that position you as a leading graduate recruiter.
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