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For almost 30 years GTI has been developing products and services designed to meet the needs of, and bridge the gap between, students seeking early careers advice and employers offering graduate and apprentice vacancies.

This means that, as we continue to give students the information and advice they need to be successful, then your recruitment needs will be met by engaging with more motivated and better prepared applicants. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive list of services for employers, which can be adapted and tailored for your organisation and needs. Among other things, our products and services will allow you to:

Engage undergraduates

Unique in its multi-channel approach, TARGETjobs provides students with the information and resources they need to find internships, placements and graduate jobs and schemes. advertises over 3,000 internships and graduate job vacancies every year. By combining advertising with expert careers advice and peer-to-peer reviews of organisations we can ensure that the 1.7 million students and graduates who use our site every month become the type of candidate you want to hear from. As we track the behaviour of TARGETjobs users, we can identify students interested in your sector and display your job adverts as they browse other sites online.

For employers looking to engage with undergraduates through university careers services, our market-leading on-campus print products offer unparalleled branding opportunities. We print over 300,000 copies of our varied careers publications to over 120 universities in the UK, ensuring you continue to build and maintain your recruitment brand on campus.

We know that the best engagement comes when employers can interact with candidates face-to-face, which is why TARGETjobs offers unique opportunities for graduate employers to meet and interact with undergraduates through a diverse range of unique, specialist events. Specialising in niche hard-to-reach groups, sectors and roles, our market-leading events can promote opportunities across sectors and industries, as well as within individual companies.

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Engage school leavers

Aimed at ambitious school leavers, TARGETcareers gathers all the resources needed for young people to choose a career, apply to university or join a school leaver programme in one place to help them discover their career aspirations and make educated decisions about their future.

As an employer, we offer you unprecedented opportunities to engage with school leavers actively considering their career options. TARGETcareers provides you with the very best multimedia tools and face-to-face channels to target the right students and promote your job vacancies and apprenticeship programmes to a highly receptive audience.

With one million visitors per year, allows students, teachers, parents and careers advisers to find all the information they need about employers and the early talent programmes available to school leavers. Ensure you get noticed by creating an online hub to provide information on your organisation and your job opportunities, or post your job vacancies to let students find you in their searches by region, employer, and career sector or job type.

Our tailored email service provides you with the unique opportunity to reach 149,000 school students who are members of TARGETcareers. You can target students by their year group, postcode, region, UCAS points, school and career sector, maximising your ability to promote your brand and job vacancies to the right candidates.

You can also advertise in our school leaver publications. With over 200,000 free copies of our school leaver publications sent to over 6,000 schools and FE colleges, you can showcase your programme to a large, yet highly targeted audience.

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Early talent recruitment

What do we do? When it comes to the attraction, assessment, engagement and retention of the best early years talent, the answer is: pretty much everything. Whether managing an end-to-end multinational graduate campaign or a single part of your recruitment process, we can help you with the full scope of your recruitment initiatives.

Why use TARGETrecruit to help you handle your early careers attraction, assessment and engagement?

We free up your time: We handle time-intensive activities like answering candidate queries and ATS management with great efficiency, so you can concentrate on strategic initiatives.

We offer TARGETsearch: Our team of recruiters can headhunt candidates for hard-to-fill roles, with specific requirements, such as particular locations and languages.

We help at times of peak activity: From application screening to assessment centre delivery, we’re able to handle high volumes, ensuring candidates move through the recruitment process quickly.

We embed best practices: From helping you to design the recruitment process to ensure it’s bias-free, to training up your assessors, we help ensure the highest standards.

Our reach helps you access more talent: We have our own media channels, including unlimited access to, and which have over one million registered users; unrivalled relationships with schools and universities; and a research business, Trendence UK, to help refine your attraction strategy.

We're experts in improving diversity: We can support your diversity aspirations in both the attraction and selection process.

Work with universities

TARGETconnect is a software solution used by many university careers services to manage the student experience, including students' contact with employers in relation to campus events and jobs. For many employers, this allows for direct access to the system to post opportunities, register for events and ask questions of the careers team.

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Passion and expertise

With almost 30 years’ experience in graduate recruitment we have seen the industry we are passionate about change in so many ways. From developments in how our users consume careers advice to fluctuations in power from candidate to employer and back again. As we continue to learn about our market and audiences, we are dedicated to sharing that knowledge with you through our GTI Breakfast News events, recruiter newsletter, reports, survey and our Trendence UK data.

GTI Breakfast News

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GTI Breakfast News brings together graduate recruiters, recruitment marketing agencies and universities to share insights from across the industry and beyond. For more information click here to go to our dedicated Breakfast News page.

Recruiter newsletter

We send a dedicated monthly email that informs recruiters about all the projects and initiatives GTI are currently undertaking. Make sure you stay up to date. Sign up now!

Graduate recruitment insights

We’re passionate about graduate recruitment, which is why we want to shout about everything that’s happening in the industry – whether from GTI or elsewhere. Join our LinkedIn networking and discussion group for graduate recruiters to share relevant news and research on issues and hot topics relating to early talent recruitment.

You can also keep up to date on Twitter or LinkedIn.

TARGETjobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards

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The TARGETjobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards is the largest early careers recruitment awards in Europe. With over 100,000 individual votes from undergraduates, apprentices and school-leavers, this highly prestigious annual event recognises and celebrates the very best in graduate recruitment and marketing.

Click here to view the awards and book a table for the next event.

Refine recruitment campaigns

Trendence UK is the largest student-focused market research business in the UK, that helps employers to strategise and refine their graduate recruitment campaigns.

We have a range services designed to ensure you make the most of the data we can provide. This includes:

Bespoke reports: We deliver comprehensive research reports, tailored to employers’ specific requirements.

Results workshop: Delivered by our research team, who assist recruiters in making the best use of the analysis and applying the findings strategically.

Year-round support: Our research team are available for year-round consultation and ongoing support.

Online data tool: Our in-house online data tool, the trendVisualiser, allows recruiters to examine our data at any time of the day or night, 24/7.

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Engage Irish graduates

gradireland is the only complete multi-channel graduate recruitment publishing company in Ireland.

A partnership between GTI and the Association of Higher Education Career Services (AHECS) in Ireland ensures the credibility and accuracy of all gradireland products and services, as well as the support and promotion of these products and services to students and graduates nationwide through their career services. This partnership gives gradireland unprecedented access to career-minded students throughout Ireland.

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