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Case study

Software Solutions company in Oxfordshire

A technology director from a software solutions company based in Oxfordshire recently contacted us to find suitable candidates for a graduate technical project executive role. The role required not only strong academic ability, but strong interpersonal skills, excellent written work and a high level of organisational ability. Involving working alongside very technical people with different personalities and occasional work with clients, it was also emphasised that meeting deadlines and standards was key to success in the role. This combination of qualities was challenging yet interesting to recruit for as it combined visible, easier to quantify technical skills and academic ability with the softer skills that can be important in business.

Within a week of receiving the brief, we quickly produced a very strong shortlist of candidates. From this shortlist, the client telephone interviewed three. While working closely with the client to set up the interviews, we ensured that the candidates were sufficiently briefed on the company and role. Consequently, the client fed back that all the candidates listened well, gave considered answers and invited all three to face to face final interview.

As the telephone interviews were held in December, it meant that the final interviews had to take place after the holidays in January. It was crucial to ensure that the management of telephone interview feedback and scheduling of final interviews was done in a timely manner, in order to keep the candidate engaged with the process over the interim period. By providing tailored feedback and guidance, the candidates prioritised the role and interviewed in early January.

Out of the three, the client deemed two as very hireable but one particular candidate stood out for them. We subsequently managed the feedback for all three, including the offer for the successful person. The client ended up hiring, in their words a ‘bright, articulate and effective’ graduate, and she is continuing to do an excellent job for them with a promotion to a project manager twelve months in.

I’d say the recruitment service offered by the team at TARGETrecruit was of a much higher standard than the average recruiter. I will certainly use TARGETrecruit again for technical graduate roles and recommend them to other hiring managers in other businesses.

Technology Director & Hiring Manager, Software Solutions Company based in Oxfordshire


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