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Breakfast News - June 2023

23 / 06 / 2023Gemma Woods

Over 500 people joined us for June’s Breakfast News on Early Careers and Neurodiversity, showing just how important this subject is.

Alongside regular contributors Declan Curry, Stephen Isherwood and Mike Hanbidge, we were joined by neurodiversity self-advocate, Jodika Gilworth; Resources for Autism CEO, Dolyanna Mordochai; Action for Asperger's CEO, Elaine Nicholson MBE; and environmentalist and broadcaster, Chris Packham CBE.

Jodika and Chris gave accounts of their lived experiences of living with neurodivergent conditions and Dolyanna and Elaine acknowledged the courage it takes for neurodivergent individuals to disclose their conditions.

The consensus was that employers need to adopt a learning mindset to understand the different needs of every neurodivergent team member and create an environment where they don’t feel the need to mask their condition.

Making small adjustments in the workplace to foster a welcoming environment for neurodiverse people could include:


  • Creating quiet or darker spaces for people who struggle with sensory over-exposure
  • Giving clear, unambiguous instructions when setting tasks
  • Giving individuals autonomy to choose the physical or mental tools they need to complete a task
  • Allowing an individual to have control over their physical, temporal or spatial environment – allowing them to choose how and when to complete a task
  • Not assuming open plan offices or hot desks work for everyone
  • Not enforcing attendance at social events or assuming everyone enjoys social situations.

Our next Breakfast News, on 28 September, will be a hybrid event in London.

You can watch the recording of the webinar using the link below:

Watch the webinar



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