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Advertising specs

Advertising specs for Careers Service Guides — any title in the series

Advertisement sizes

All measurements are height followed by width.

File types accepted

  1. Please supply as print ready PDF, set to CMYK, with bleed and crop marks.
  2. Binary format EPS files with all fonts outlined and/or embedded; CMYK colour space; colour bitmap images at 300dpi resolution; greyscale bitmap images at 300dpi resolution; monochrome bitmap images (linework) at 1200dpi resolution.
  3. Native QuarkXPress (Macintosh) documents with all elements (fonts and images) included along with the Quark file, collected for output.

How to supply your work

  1. Naming your files: filenames must contain the name of the product you are advertising in, along with your organisation name and the date of publication (eg TARGETLaw_ExampleCompany_Oct18.pdf).
  2. Email: files smaller than 4Mb in size can be emailed straight to your GTI client support or sales contact.
  3. Email: files smaller than 10Mb in size can be emailed.


  1. The file content of electronic supplied artwork is the responsiblity of the originator.
  2. The creator should apply any required trapping (regarding overprint and knockout), as it cannot be applied during production. Specific trapping requirements should be highlighted prior to supply.
  3. All electronically supplied advertisements should be accompanied by a proof. If this is faxed or sent in black and white GTI can only accept responsibility for checking content. Only colour contract proofs can be used for checking exact colour.
  4. On arrival at GTI, all PDFs will be checked through Pit Stop, creating a report of how the file has been supplied. If the file has not been created as we specified this may correct some errors; however it is the responsibility of the creator to ensure the Distiller options are set correctly.
  5. GTI will produce artwork for clients should they require this service. Prices will vary according to content.