Social need-ia: why using social media is vital for all employers

If people don’t know who you are, what your values are, what your culture is or of your presence in the market, then how can they apply for your roles? And why would they?

They won’t.

The whole point of marketing is to be known. Social media has emerged as the biggest global, national and local collection of people of all ages and backgrounds – especially students, graduates and school leavers.

A 2016 study showed that 99% of those aged 16-24 in the UK use social media at least once a week. That’s almost every young adult potentially viewing social media posts, videos, pictures, memes, articles, comments and stories every week. In marketing, this cannot be ignored.

It is not just the amount and frequency of social media use that is significant for companies in the 21st century, it is also the convergence of different types of media and marketing on a single communications platform that offers exciting marketing opportunities. Your brand, culture and activities can be publicised to any demographic via any medium – this could include videos, pictures, text, podcasts, infographics, direct messages or comments, as well as combinations of these mediums.

Young people’s attention has moved online, and it can only be beneficial for employers to do the same – to attract the best graduate talent, they must click the mouse, join social media and start promoting themselves.

At GTI, we have a strong, business-wide social media presence on multiple platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. We offer #Gradstories video campaigns and many other options for employers to utilise alongside their own social media.

Find out more about how we can use social media to promote your company and its vacancies by contacting or calling 01491 826262.


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