Red block colour

Advertising specs

Advertising positions

Organisation hub specs

Notes on using HTML5

We only except one HTML5 file

All files that are referenced in the HTML5 document should be self-hosted.

Use protocol relative URLs (e.g. // instead of

We always need a clickthrough URL to go with your display advertising either linking internally to your content on or linking externally.

If using audio please include volume/mute control – default to off.

We can host your creative or carry tags from all third-party systems such as DoubleClick, Eyeblaster, etc

Note on using Flash

We no longer support the use of Flash.

Video MPUs

Duration: Max. length 30 sec
File Size: Max. 2MB (Video file only)
Control buttons (Play, Pause, Stop) To be placed on ALL frames of the ad

Sound (If applicable): "Audio ON/OFF" Button to be clearly labelled with Sound OFF by default. Buttons to be positioned on ALL frames of the ad
Assets Required:  Backup image (GIF/JPEG) of not more than 25kb